A Guide to Handling International Payroll

September 7, 2020

Managing international payroll can be time consuming and challenging, and if often comes at a cost. Making cross-border payroll payments may lead to management problems, given that consolidating overseas payments into a single system can be challenging. Besides, paying employees across multiple locations requires that you address aspects such as compliance and reliability.

In-House or Outsource?

Start by determining if you wish to manage your international payroll in-house or outsource it to a service provider that specializes in this realm. If you plan to go the in-house way, bear in mind that managing international payroll requires that you have a team of experts with the required expertise and systems in place. This is typically not the best way forward for small to mid-sized businesses, which, instead, might benefit more by turning to international payroll service providers.

Even if you plan to outsource, it is important that you keep a record of all compensations and benefits allotted to different employees. While local experts can offer advice related to specific markets, implementing local laws and remaining compliant continues to remain your responsibility.

Factors You Need to Consider

If you need to make international payroll payments, especially, to employees spread across different countries, you need to consider these factors:

  • Reliability in making cross-border fund transfers
  • Country specific compliance and legal issues
  • Foreign exchange risk
  • Consolidation of accounts
  • Reporting
  • All associated costs

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses dealing in international payroll is ensuring compliance across different t territories. This is because aspects such as currencies, economic conditions, and laws governing payroll tend to vary from one country to the next. It is mainly because of compliance issues that an increasing number of businesses are now outsourcing their international payroll management to specialist companies.

Benefits of Turning to a Specialist

Using the services or a reliable and effective international payroll service provider gives you access to an accurate, transparent, and complaint system that you may access using an automated and centralized system.

Safeguard Against Volatility

You may use such a system to compile and analyze data related to overseas payments made to employees. This, in turn, gives you the ability to make forecasts and respond to the fluctuating forex market accordingly. If you pay your overseas employees in their local currencies, they do not have to worry about conversion costs or the volatility the market experiences continually.

Cost Effective

While you can look forward to highly competitive exchange rates when working with the top players, you may also expect to pay lower fees when compared to traditional service providers. Depending on the company you select and your specific requirements, you may end up paying little to no fees.


The leading companies that provide international payroll services rely on high encryption levels to keep the online transmission of information secure. In addition, the top players are also registered with and regulated by relevant bodies in their countries of operation.

Selecting a Suitable Service Provider

Finding a suitable international payroll service provider requires that you compare your alternatives across these parameters.

  • Cost effectiveness. How much you end up paying depends on all applicable fees as well as exchange rates that apply on your payments.
  • Ease of integration. When comparing your options, determine how easy it is to integrate new systems with the existing technology your company uses.
  • Customer service. Some companies provide round-the-clock customer service. Since time can be crucial when you need assistance, look for companies that provide over-the-phone support.
  • Compliance team. Find out how many experts a company has in any given market and how it ensures compliance with local rules and regulations.

Some of the top overseas money transfer companies that offer international payroll solutions are listed below. Read their detailed reviews:

Working with a dependable international payroll service provider ensures that your employees receive their payments on time without having to worry about how the forex market looks. You, on the other hand, benefit through the expertise these companies build over a period of time.