How to find the best money transfer company

Step 1

Take a close look at what the leading international money transfer companies have to offer. 

Determine what the iCompareFX experts previous customers have to say about their services from other online reviews. 

Make a shortlist of the top alternatives.

Step 2

Read head to head comparisons across different categories. 

Learn which money transfer company wins each category and which is better overall.

Step 3

Select the company that works best for you after taking into account any specific requirements you might have. 

Perhaps Individual Features are more important than Business Benefits?

Look for ongoing promotional offers as this might also affect your decision.

Money transfer services head to head comparison

Once you have taken your individual requirements into consideration, it is important to review provider features.  For example, which companies offer better services for personal or business transfers.  We compare the top global money transfer providers head to head.  Once you have narrowed down your choice of foreign currency exchange and international money transfer partners, find out which remittance company wins and why.

Compare your top choices against each other using iCompareFX’s international money transfers comparison criteria:

  • Personal Features 
  • Business Benefits
  • Fees and Exchange rates
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Service and Supported Countries
  • Trust and Transparency