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Gavan started iCompareFX in 2014 after discovering the easiest way to wire money internationally was through a specialist provider and not the big banks. Working with global clients, he has become an expert in comparing money remittance companies. An ex-financial/IT nut turned entrepreneur, he reviews the best and cheapest providers available on the market.

International money transfers for personal customers

Cash pick-up

Home cash delivery (in some countries)

Ria money transfer app

Multilingual website

Payment options

Bank account

Credit card

Debit card


Payout options

Bank account

Cash pick-up

Home cash delivery (in some countries)

Transfer options


Ria Money Transfer app

Regular transfers

Not available

Send money from

Online transfers supported in USD, CAD, GBP, AUD and EUR (only from Spain). You can send money in local currencies by visiting Ria Money Transfer locations in several other countries.

Send money to

Send money to around 160 countries, in local currencies.

Ria Money Transfer email - us_support@riamoneytransfer.com

Ria Money Transfer phone numbers - https://corporate.riafinancial.com/ria-world

Personal Features


Ria Money Transfer & Currency Exchange offers international money transfer services for individuals from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and Spain. It provides different transfer methods.

What Ria Money Transfer offers

  • Overseas money transfers
  • Bank deposit
  • Cash pick-up
  • Home cash delivery (in some countries)

Overseas money transfers - Send money to more than 150 countries through Spot Contracts, using Ria Money Transfer exchange rates. These rates are not real time exchange rates.

Bank deposit - Transfer money into bank accounts from various countries.

Cash pick-up - Money transfer recipients can collect transferred funds from local Ria Money transfer agents globally.

Home cash delivery - Cash can be delivered to a recipient's home in some countries.

What Ria Money Transfer doesn’t do

  • Regular transfers
  • FX optimized travel cards
  • Unique local multi-currency receiving accounts
  • Digital wallet
  • Personal account manager


Ria Money Transfer score

Ria scores below average for its personal services because of the absence of regular transfers, travel cards, digital wallets and account managers. 

Business Benefits


Ria Money Transfer does not provide services for businesses therefore no score has been given.

Fees & Exchange Rates


Ria exchange rates

Ria applies a margin on the existing mid-market/real exchange rate when carrying out your transfer. The margin can be over 3% for some exotic currencies. This is a very large hidden fee when compared to a Ria Money Transfer alternative. You are shown the exchange rate that is offered by Ria Money Transfer before you finalize a transfer deal, and this includes the margin fee. The rate that you get online and at physical agent locations are not the same. Transfers through agents tend to attract a higher margin.

Are there additional Ria Money Transfer fees?

Yes. Additional Ria Money Transfer fees vary based on where you live, the destination country, the payment method and the transfer method. And the additional fees are hefty in size. The more you send, the higher the fee.

Transfers to cash pick-up centers are typically more expensive than bank account transfers. Debit and credit card payments tend to come with higher fees. See examples below.

Sending money from the US to the Philippines and paying via credit card:

Transfer amountPayout methodTransfer fees
$250Bank account$7
Cash pick-up$7
Home delivery$7
$2,500Bank account$58
Cash pick-up$58
Home delivery$58


Sending money from the US to the Philippines and paying via bank transfer:

Transfer amountPayout methodTransfer fees
$250Bank account$0
Cash pick-up$0
Home delivery$3
$2,500Bank account$0
Cash pick-up$0
Home delivery$3


Sending money from the US to India and paying via credit card:

Transfer amountPayout methodTransfer fees
$250Bank account$8
Cash pick-up$12
$2,500Bank account$82
Cash pick-up$100


Ria score

Ria's low score in this section is because of the non-transparency in its exchange rates as well as the very high additional fees.

Ease of Use


What Ria Money Transfer does well

Sign up process - Signing up with Ria is fairly straightforward. You may use the Ria Money Transfer app or website to get started.

Payment methods - You can pay for your transfer via a bank account, a credit card, a debit card or cash.

Multilingual website - Use the Ria Money Transfer website in English, Spanish, Polish or French.

Where Ria money transfer could improve

Transfer limits

Ria lets you send up to $2,999.99 per transfer, per day. A 30-day maximum limit of $7,999 also applies. You can request an increase in limit by visiting a Ria agent location and providing additional information such as details from a valid form of ID. However, increasing your limit is based on Ria's sole discretion.

Bank account validation

Ria validates your bank account by carrying out a one-time verification check. This process can take up to 72 hours, and even more in some cases.

Ria Money Transfer app

Some Ria Money Transfer reviews on Apple App Store and Google Play Store complain about the app's functionality. These include mentions of failed login attempts and difficulty in using the app.

Ria score

Ria does not score well for the Ease of Use category. Low transfer limits and the added administration to increase your limits lower their score. Slow bank account validation and poor reviews of the Ria Money Transfer app reduce it further.

Support & Countries


What Ria money transfer does well

Supported destination countries - Ria Money Transfer supports transfers to around 160 countries, and recipient's receive funds in local currencies.

Phone support - Provides phone support during business hours in the US, Canada and Australia.

Where Ria Money Transfer could improve

Supported registration countries - You can only sign up online with Ria Money Transfer if you live in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Spain or Australia.

Transfer speed - Transfers to bank accounts can take longer than the stipulated time frame of 2 - 4 business days, as highlighted by a number of customer reviews on Trustpilot, Google Play Store and Apple Play Store.

Ria Money Transfer customer service - There are a number of complaints about poor customer service in the Ria Money Transfer reviews written by the company's customers.

Ria score

Ria's score in this section leaves some room for improvement. The company can address this by improving its customer service, increasing the number of supported registration countries, and carrying out all transfers in a timely manner. However, their global support for destination countries does balance some the score out to a degree.

Trust & Transparency


What Ria Money Transfer does well

  • Ria Money Transfer is owned by Euronet Worldwide, a leading global electronic transactions and payments company.
  • Ria complies with laws of all jurisdictions in which it operates. 
  • It complies with the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), which is a part of the US Treasury Department. It also adheres to all United Nations and European Union sanctions.
  • Ria rates as Excellent on Trustpilot, getting a score of 8.8 out of 10 with over 4,500 reviews.


Where Ria Money Transfer could improve

Transparency in exchange rates

There is zero transparency on the hidden fees that Ria Money Transfer has in their offered exchange rates. Customers would benefit from seeing the real time exchange rate and the added fee. 

Transparency in complaint resolution

It appears that Ria does not acknowledge customer reviews on Trustpilot. On Google Play Store, replies to customer concerns are few and far between. A number of Ria Money Transfer reviews complain about no clear resolutions surrounding delayed transfers, not getting back to customers as promised and long hold times. 

Ria score

Not responding to customer complaints, as highlighted by several Ria Money Transfer customer reviews, results in the company's poor result in this section. Offering complete transparency in exchange rates can help improve its score.


How much can I send through Ria?

$2,999.99 maximum limit applies on each transfer, which is also the daily maximum limit.  In addition, the maximum you can send in a 30-day period is limited to $7,999. To apply for an increase in limit, you need to visit a Ria agent center and provide the required information. This typically involves details from a valid ID.

How much does it cost to send money through Ria Money Transfer?

The cost of your transfer includes the fee you need to pay as well as the exchange rate margin (hidden fee) that Ria applies on existing interbank exchange rates. The margin may vary depending on whether you transfer money online or through an agent. The total fee varies based on the transfer amount, the payment method, the transfer method and the currencies involved. Credit card payments tend to attract more fees than payments made via bank account transfers with transfers to cash pick-up centres typically the most expensive.

Is Ria safe to send money?

Ria Money Transfer is owned by Euronet Worldwide and is licensed to operate within all its supported countries. However, a number of Ria Money Transfer reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot, Google Play Store and Apple App Store highlight concerns surrounding the company's poor customer service, the inability to verify identity, and its apps' functionality.

Where can I pick up Ria Money?

You can pick up money by visiting an authorized Ria Money Transfer agent. Ria's agent network spreads across countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific. You will need to visit the Ria Money Transfer website to find your closest agent.

Where can I receive money from Ria?

You can receive money from Ria in around 160 countries. Depending on where you live, you can receive money directly in your bank account, or collect cash by visiting an agent location.

How long does a Ria Money Transfer take?

If you are sending money to a cash pick up location, the transfer can process in minutes or hours. When sending money to bank accounts, Ria states that such transfers can take 2 - 4 business days. However, a number of customer reviews on Trustpilot, Google Play Store and Apple Play Store complain about longer-than-promised turnaround times.



Ria Money Transfer offers basic money transfer services to foreign bank accounts and cash pick up locations. Unfortunately, their total fees are very high and their service receives a number of poor customer reviews. If your destination is supported by a Ria Money Transfer competitor, it would be well worth checking out the competition.



  • Cash pick-up
  • Home cash delivery of funds in some countries
  • Payment methods include bank account transfers, debit/credit cards, and cash
  • Multilingual website


  • No services for business customers
  • Very high additional fees
  • Very high exchange rate fees
  • No digital wallets
  • No travel cards
  • No multi-currency accounts
  • No account managers
  • No phone money transfer support